Why insects?

Insects are a natural food source, rich in protein and other nutrients,
ideal as dietary supplements for animals and human.They provide
a sustainable solution to the global demand for alternative proteins.


Insects' natural ability for bioconversion, the processing of organic residue to useful products, such as protein, frass and chitin, is key for sustainability and circular economy. Insect production has zero waste, low carbon footprint, requires little water and land use.

Environmental Benefits

less water
less land
less feed
lower carbon footprint

Natural food for


Insect larvae are a natural feed with many benefits for animals

  • Rich in protein and other nutrients
  • Health stimulating
  • Antioxidant capacity
  • Reduced need of antibiotics
  • Low risk of disease transmission
  • Not genetically modified


The frass (insect excreta) is an effective bio-fertilizer, improves

  • soil quality
  • plant growth
  • abiotic tolerance
  • pathogen/pest resistance


Insects can be used as meat substitutes or dietary supplements in human diets

  • improve health and wellness
  • contain high-quality protein and micronutrients
  • prevent chronic diseases
  • boost immune function


Mealworms & by-products

Suitable for
  • Animal feed and food supplements
  • Poultry, pets, fish, pigs
  • Plants


Years of Experiences

Skolix is an Insect farm

In Skolix we care about the environment and the future of the next generations. We believe that it’s time to return to natural food sources that please and benefit the animals, the people, the plants and the planet. Therefore, in Skolix we breed insects as an alternative food source for the agri-food sector, providing a sustainable solution to the ever-increasing global demand for protein. Specifically at Skolix we produce the larvae (mealworms) of the insect Tenebrio molitor. Insect breeding has low environmental impact and we use vertical farming, which minimizes the use of arable land. Our production process is based on the rules of circular economy since we utilize local agricultural biomass for insect breeding, while insect by-products, such as frass (insect excreta) and chitin, have further applications, resulting in zero waste production.

The Team

We are a team with a vision for a healthier and more sustainable future. We believe that insects are a solution to the increasing humanity’s demand for alternative protein sources. Each member of our team has unique knowledge and skills that complement each other. Our scientific background and work experience, combined with our concerns about the future of our planet and the future of next generations has led us to create Skolix. Skolix is giving us the opportunity to join the revolution of agrifood.

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